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When you shouldn’t be list-building

I’m a huge advocate for list-building…

But there’s a time when you SHOULDN’T be focused on it.

For instance, let’s say your bank account is at zero and you don’t know where your next dollar is coming from – don’t worry about building a list.

There’s a much faster way that leads you to sales and it involves getting clients.

As you get clients, start writing daily about what your clients are telling you so that you can communicate those stories to help attract future clients.

If you have a list already (for whatever reason), send those stories or simply post them on medium or linkedin.

Now, as you start getting the clients filing in and a few dollars in the bank, you have to look at your workload and start to shift to longer term tasks.

This is when list-building and email marketing really comes in.

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Marketing skinny-lattes to the masses

To say I was a late-bloomer is no stretch of the truth.

For instance:

I didn’t lose my “baby fat” until I was about 19 years old, and didn’t have my first “real” relationship until about 21.

But I was ahead of my time.

When I was 16 I was already focused on my career, public speaking, and, of course, not failing high school.

I could’ve shifted my attention at that time to getting girls, cars, or a plethora of other things my friends were enamored with.

But I kept my head down and eyes on the prize.

When you stay focused on what you know or do best, you win in the long run.

With building an online business, it’s no different.

Case and point:

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More milage = more leads & sales

Recently had a chat with an old podcasting buddy…

He started off going in one direction (with a ton of content, podcast, etc.) but recently shifted.

Now, he’s sending a weekly newsletter and asking his personal friends and family to join his list and growing his business that *actually* makes him money.

(super smart to start)

At the end of our convo, he asked me for things he could be doing differently to get more milage out of his emails to get more leads and close more sales.

Here’s what I told him:

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Email marketing monkey business

While doing a list-building and nurturing consultation the other day I found out my client got kicked off of MailChimp.

TL;DR version:

She must have really pissed of that little monkey.


She’s been building a personal list for years through multiple careers and is going into a new chapter of her life and business. She wanted to reach out to everyone (60,000+) to say “hey” and “let me know how things are going” to kickstart her new ventures. After sending a few batches of emails, MailChimp let her know the spam button got hit 9 times (!).

Even worse:

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