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4 How the soviets would build an email list in modern times

Legend has it that during the “space race” of the 1960’s, NASA invested millions to create a pen that would write in space.

After public outcry, NASA was forced to find a cheaper solution, but ended up using the high-end anti-gravity “space pens” in 1967 after trying them out for themselves in-flight…

…. the soviets just used a pencil.

(there’s a few marketing lessons in there, more in a future email)

Whether that story is completely true or false, it’s no different when people come to me wanting to build an email list for their personal brand, business, or startup.

Last night on Periscope I shared a stupid easy way to add email subscribers to your list by the dozen.

(on autopilot)

I learned this originally from Noah Kagen of OKdork and was reminded recently by Bryan Harris of VideoFruit.

But before we go into it, some context:

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