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Getting your readers to “swipe right”

Could society be any more superficial?

I mean, with apps like Tinder, you can decide if you want to get to a know a person better based solely on their looks…

Like what you see: swipe right.

Don’t like?

Swipe left and send’em to Tinder-hell.


But, the reality is that people treat email the same way.

They see an email in their inbox, and in an instance they decide whether to read it…

Or… to throw you the way of Hawaii’s favorite treat.

The funny thing is that it’s not the headline of your email that’s the deciding factor…

… nor is it the content.

The ultimate deciding factor that gets overlooked by even “seasoned” vets online.

(and abused by just about everyone else)

What’s the big deciding factor that gets your readers to “swipe right”?

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The key to building an email list is simple…


Some back story:

When I had less than 100 email subscribers I felt like it was an uphill battle to build my email list.

But then I realized that my target audience is already out there – they just don’t know about me.


So I started interviewing people with my podcast, networking on Periscope, and getting interviewed on big shows in my space.

After doing this for awhile (and seeing my list grow faster than it ever had), I started making more time for networking and teaming up with others in small JV’s.

So whether you consider yourself a blogger, Youtuber, or anything else…

The key to building an email list is simple…

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Who likes “thinking”, anyway?

A good friend came to me the other day with a problem…

He had just stepped off stage at an event that had the exact target market he’s going after in his raw foods biz.

Being around me, he understands the importance of building an email list for his business…

But hasn’t gotten around to building it.

After telling me more, he said that he tried figuring out how to collect emails from attendees, but got stuck thinking about the tech and just said “forget it”.


My advice: keep it simple.

Get out a piece of paper and have those folks fill that baby out!

It’s no different when you’re a podcaster, speaker, or author…

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Why I don’t worry about list size

Just got asked this:

“My list is growing faster and faster, when should I monetize it?”


What’s today???

(I’m real good at beating around the bush)

Look, I couldn’t care less about how big your email list is in most situations OR how much you mail them. There are times when that’s vital (more about this tomorrow).

Yes, what matters at the end of the day is sales and revenue. And, yes, your email list makes this happen.

I’ll just say it like this:

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