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Stolen from page 29…

I’ve been diving into books and all sorts of content lately about copywriting.

New stuff, old stuff – you name it.

Now, there are a lot of important aspects to getting people to consume your content (like blog posts, podcast episodes, videos), sales pages, and ads.

But when it comes down to it, you have to get your traffic to start consuming your content if you want for them to finish reading your content.

When someone comes across your work, they decide in the first few seconds whether or not they’re going to stick around.

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Some real “Bill Nye”-style stuff

A scientific study was recently conducted that
discovered people prefer shorter lines of online content because it’s easier on the eyes…

… making it easier to understand.

(some real “Bill Nye”-style stuff)

Now, although blogging is a lot like email (content-based, allows you to demonstrate your knowledge, and keeps you top of mind) –they aren’t the same.

For instance…

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Email is like a box of…


I’ll tell you why in a second.

If you’ve ever tuned into my daily Periscope show, then you’ve probably seen it in the comments…

We’re diving deep into how to use email to dramatically increase sales of your products and services and someone pops the question:

“What’s the best email service to use?”

I can’t blame them, and I’m happy to answer…

But it tells me how serious they are about building their business, and how badly they want it.

The truth about choosing an email service provider is this…

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Round 1: Fancy Newsletter vs. Plain-Jane (how to write email that gets read)

There’s a lot of confusion around how to write email that actually get read by your list.

Like frequency, avoiding spam, or what provider to use (more on this tomorrow).

But I got asked a valid question while presenting to some realtors last week:

“Do you recommend using newsletter-style email templates to send to your list?”

Here’s what I said…

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