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Feeling thrilled by climbing hills

Writing this from my favorite hometown coffee shop.

While I don’t live in the area anymore, it’s always nice to visit.

At one point, it was my “Cheers”, so to say— and it’s nice to get a warm welcome every time I’m back.

Ok, on to business.

In my note to you yesterday, we covered the habit of success.

Today we’ll be talking about a much overlooked aspect of becoming successful in anything:


In your journey there are two approaches you’ll need to implement equal amounts of:

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The only thing that matters at the end of the day in your online business

It’s no secret

(at least to myself)

that I’m an impatient person.

I want the things I’m working for so bad that I can taste them,

and at times it feels easy to give up when “the going gets tough”.

This online business thing is a long game, sweetheart.

It isn’t for the weak or meek minded,

and you have to be willing to roll with the punches.

Sometimes you’ll lose a client,

sometimes a bunch of people will unsubscribe,

or sometimes your business partner quits.

That’s how the cookie crumbles, my friend.

What matters at the end of the day is this:

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Their fav guru made’em do it

A conversation sparked from yesterday’s email on Twitter with Cathryn about how I helped my buddy Kristian garner 45% open rates on his emails…

Cathryn: what is a good open rate these days? I’m curious

Jeremy: if you’re getting 20%+ open rates you’re doing something right… HOWEVER… it’s always best to measure success by sales ;)

^^This couldn’t be more true.


I took the convo to SnapSnap and got this insane response from Jess – The Social Nerd:

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