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“Cold Activated” product marketing

I am at my favorite coffee shop in my hometown and will have to leave shortly.

So no time to waste today.

In my last notes to you we covered where you should start with your marketing,

getting your audience in front of you,

and questions to ask them.

Now let’s dive into psychology.

For the sake of familiarity, we’ll use beer as an example today.

In his famous book, Breakthrough Advertising, Eugene Schwartz brilliantly explains the 5 levels of market sophistication.

We’ll talk about 3 levels for now.

(since I’m short on time)

When beer entered the market,

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3 questions you need to ask your list, potential clients, and future customers

In my last note to you we talked about getting your target audience in front of you…

… because you need attention before you can ever make a sale.


now let’s talk about a few answers you need to get from the people in front of you.

(whether it’s subscribers on your list, attendees to a webinar, or a client-to-contractor scenario)

To sell products online (like courses and guides)

and services (like coaching and done-for-you),

you have to know where you want the conversation to head…

Which should ideally be to a sale.

For starters,

always aim to sell to the “converted”.


Your prospects are aware of their problems and actively looking for a solution.

This helps you avoid coming off as “salesy” or “scammy”.

That said,

Here are 3 (of many) questions you’ll need to get to the bottom of with your email subscribers and prospects:

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I had to make sure I was still capable

I’ve been using a new app called Favor recently to order my meals throughout the day.

It’s a HUGE time saver.

Any who,

I felt like going and getting my own dinner last night because I was home most of the day.

(and I had to make sure I was still capable)

So I phoned-in my vegan ceasar salad, asian-glazed sweet potatoes, and curry cauliflower.

I arrive at the restaurant to pick up my food and noticed a few ladies (hey now) looking in my direction.

Mind you, I had on my good shirt.

This whole situation takes me waayyyy back.

It wasn’t too long ago I was 200+ pounds,

very self-conscious (still am, honestly),

and eating terribly.

Some things have changed, but I’ve always been confident.

I used to do public speaking, leadership activities, and have always been a little “out there” in spite of the above.

What’s this gotta do with you?

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Delivery – not cartoon characters

Kelly replies to yesterday’s email about writing (and sending to your list) daily:

I am LOVING your emails!

I have already learned so much from you — I’ve taken your advice, gotten over the whole ‘blog posts need to have a catchy title, tweetable link and pinball image’ and got back to basics.

I sat down, wrote about 250 words and sent it off to my email list (who hadn’t heard from me in MONTHS) and posted as a simple text update on Facebook.

The results?

Over 20x the engagement!


So thank you — you’re awesome.

20x engagement with just one little email…

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