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8 How To Find Clients: Start Your Own Business

If you want to know the easiest way to start your own business, then you must understand how to find clients.

Starting an online business is usually made complicated because we think business cards, logos, and LLC’s are the best first steps.

(spoiler: that’s totally wrong)

In this post, you’ll learn exactly what I did to start making money online and how to find clients… Even if you’ve never started your own business before.

Follow along and you’re going to learn:

  • how to find clients online and the EXACT strategy I used to work with celebrity entrepreneurs
  • how to pick a skill and target market that guarantees you’ll get paid
  • how to make sure you’re focusing on the right tasks
  • how to start a business without making major mistakes along the way

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267 opt-ins. 1 podcast episode. Here’s what Lewis Howes did.

I get it…

You’re already aware that the key to succeeding with your podcast is building your email list.

And you KNOW that if you want to make build your list, you have to make it simple, irresistible, and valuable to get opt-ins.

But for some reason, you just haven’t taken action on it…

In today’s case-study, you’re going to to find:

  • How one top-ranked podcaster turned 100’s of podcast listeners into email list subscribers
  • What caused one episode to out-perform all others
  • How to get passive podcast listeners to become engaged email list subscribers

Before and after using text-calls-to-action

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