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It’s only a matter of time until disaster strikes

You could build the best looking and structurally sound house in the neighborhood…

But if it’s sitting on top of a sinkhole it’s only a matter of time until disaster strikes.

Which really makes me wonder why people are so gun-ho on social media.

Over the last year, we’ve seen Periscope pop up – and even more recently we’re seeing a huge boom on SnapChat.

I use both to grow my business (and can track sales back from both platforms) – but you shouldn’t rely on them.


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You’re not missing anything

If you’re just starting your business, there’s nothing better you can do (IMO) while building your list than to email them daily.

And I have case after case of students and subscribers on this list who’ve tried this for less than a week and brought in dollars.


When you tell someone you send an email out everyday you’ll get one of two reactions:

1) Blank stare (they don’t get it), or,
2) What I call the “why-would-you-ever-do-that” face

Then comes a response on SnapChat to my daily mindset yesterday:

Not trying to be negative, but I personally hate receiving email and would unsubscribed if you emailed me everyday!

What am I missing???

You’re not missing anything, because honestly, I would unsubscribe, too.


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Maybe it’s BuzzFeed’s fault?

Incomes a (valid) observation from subscriber Blake via SnapChat:

“So I noticed that a lot of your blog posts are what you send out on an email. How does that work?

And does it work well for you?

Do your subscribers notice (like I did) an feel a little cheated (like I DONT) haha?”

Let me start by saying that we’ve been trained to think great content are posts with “The 5 Ninja Ways To Grow Your Following Using LinkedAGram”…

And since we see that these posts get shared by the thousands, we think we need to make our stuff just like that.

Maybe it’s BuzzFeed’s fault?

Well, in my opinion, THAT’S where you’re being tricked.

While those posts get you to click (and then click more, and then click more – racking up their ad revenue), they lack soul.

When I send an email out I post it to my site (and other places) for a few reasons…

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