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Waiting with pitchforks to carry me up the hill

The other day SnapChat blew up because of a filter for “Women’s International Day”.

All day long there were selfies and empowerment posts celebrating this (unbeknownst to me) holiday.

By the end of the day it really started to pester the hamster on my wheel.

So I posted something to the effect of “when’s mens international day???”

Which then caused a flood of replies.

You see, I despise holidays celebrating any individual race, religion, or other form of separation.


Me thinks it separates us even further.

So while it strokes the ego of one group, it makes everyone else look on and think “so what”.

I was positive I’d have a bunch of angry women with pitchforks waiting to carry me up the hill… But all I got was responses from them completely agreeing…

OK, well all accept for one angry gal who wanted to go back and forth about who was right and wrong.

But Jeremy doesn’t have time for that.

No, instead I immediately saw an all-too-valuable list-building lesson, that, if applied early and often, could result in an extremely loyal audience of people who want to buy your products and services.

Here goes it:

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What IS an email list?

Seen in the comments last night while doing a guest appearance on my buddy Kristian’s Periscope broadcast on funnels:

What IS an email list?

Now, a lot of you may know the answer to this, but the reality is that their are two types of email lists (in my book).

The first – a list of people who’ve given you permission to stay in contact with them.

The second – a private list of people you’re targeting that haven’t give you permission to stay in contact with them.

(I call this a “reverse email list”)

Let’s talk about the first today, shall we?

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Make money WITHOUT social media or an email list

When you go to the doctor, you expect them to tell you exactly what’s going on without sugarcoating it.

And that’s what I aim for in every email I send you.

Today’s no different…

Because I have something you need to hear (that if applied properly – could help you generate enough revenue before the end of this month to question every course you’ve bought, guru you follow, and book your reading) so buckle up and get ready for the ride.

Here goes it:

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It’s only a matter of time until disaster strikes

You could build the best looking and structurally sound house in the neighborhood…

But if it’s sitting on top of a sinkhole it’s only a matter of time until disaster strikes.

Which really makes me wonder why people are so gun-ho on social media.

Over the last year, we’ve seen Periscope pop up – and even more recently we’re seeing a huge boom on SnapChat.

I use both to grow my business (and can track sales back from both platforms) – but you shouldn’t rely on them.


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