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Audience Growth

The bad kind of “blow up”

Facebook has been making big plans during the last few years to bring internet to places where it doesn’t exist.


Zucks contracted Elon Musk’s SpaceX to help launch one of their major satellites that carries said internets into the ether.


shit hit the proverbial fan yesterday when the shuttle blew up on launch.

(mercury retro much?)

No bueno.

I imagine Zucks wasn’t all too happy.

But he isn’t alone…

As online businesses owners sometimes things will blow up right in front of you.


In the heat of the moment it comes down to how you handle it.

Regardless of the situation you need to a have a plan.

The best one:

customers and potential ones.

(AKA an email list)

Building your list isn’t rocket science (per say)

but most course creators are out pimping content and products that make it confusing.

For personal help and monthly trainings designed to keep your launch for detonating,

go here:


Jeremy Montoya

Puff Daddy’s list-building conundrum

There’s a lot of talk these days about why you should build an email list.

But what’s often forgotten is some of the negative sides of building an online business…

… so here are 4 quick reasons why you SHOULD NOT build an email list.

Number 1: Everyone has an opinion

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When your products stink like poo

I spent this last weekend in the town of Noel, Missouri.

If you’re not familiar – there’s a lot of trees, huge rivers, lots of cows, no internet, etc.

(really stinks like poo)

Any who,

I was out there for my buddies bachelor party and was told we were staying at a “resort”.

Well, let’s just say this was what you would “resort” too if you were staying in backwoods and wanted an upgraded camping experience.

The people who were there loved it.

Others would never spend a penny on it.

(me, one of the them)

That’s what being niche does.

It attracts some and repels other.

Much like poo.

While your products and services shouldn’t smell like poo – they should attract the ones who love it –

(follow me here)

– and repel the majority that doesn’t.

The best way I know how to make this happen?

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How dare you.

I believe we’re each here to bring something extraordinary to the World.

Each of us – in some way – has something unique inside of us…

…. and the only thing we have to do is find it.


Being “of service” is the approach I take.

I also believe we all have a message in us that the World needs to hear.

Since our society has never been more connected

it creates one of the most incredible opportunities in all of time to spread our uniqueness and message.

Unfortunately for many,

we hold back our best selves,

our mission,

our calling,

because we “aren’t ready” or we wonder “what will others think”.

Reality says that you’ll never be ready and people will ALWAYS have their own opinion.


You’re the only one standing in your way.


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Preparing for the storm in your online business

Coming to you mid-monsoon here in the Valley.

Sometimes it’s just one big dust cloud that comes.

And then…


Light poles down, trees everywhere – full-on Wizard of Oz stuff.

Reminds me of biz aweebit.

There are some key indicators that a storm could be coming,

and if ignored for too long it could completely wipe away or uproot your entire business.

This is why we build our houses on solid foundations and brick walls.

(i.e. your email list and the right subscribers)

Speaking of lists and subscribers…

If you want to maximize the help you can provide your email list and the money you can make

(or set yourself up for success)

then you MUST check out the Email Elite Exclusive Training on deck for August.

It includes:

  • When (and when not) to segment your subscribers (and how to avoid making a mess out of your email service provider)
  • A highly underrated way to welcome new subscribers to your business and offerings (I’m experimenting now across all of my businesses)
  • How much time you should spend in each of your audience segments (so that your list doesn’t become something you dread touching)
  • What email service providers to avoid completely if you want an easy-to-manage business with multiple product offers

And mo.

(that means more)

Prepare your house for the storms ahead by focusing on the foundation and building it brick-by-brick with the best materials.

Your blueprint awaits you here:


Jeremy Montoya

How to “pistachio” your business

While on an Email Elite Coaching Session with Member Julie earlier today:

At the beginning of each session we go over the number one goal of the call.

She proclaims:

“How do I pistachio my business?”

Great question.

If you’re new around here,

she’s referring to advice I reference from time to time from Sally Hogshead.

You see…

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Fight for your list-building rights

A few months ago I was invited to a charity event nearby in Scottsdale but I couldn’t attend.


I did the next best thing I could and offered my services as a package to one lucky winner.

Well a good buddy entered for my raffle so that I could spend time with his brother who’s focused on content marketing for himself and his company….

… and he won.

Fast-forward to today and we just had our hour call together.

He’s now apart of an IT company in San Diego that’s ramping up their email efforts

and my advice broke down into balancing three approaches….

1. Know where the party is

If you want access to your target audience,

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