Can you hear me now, podcast gods???

Earlier today I had the opportunity to sit down with Bran Kane for his show ProfitCast.

His show is well-known in the community because he features podcasters and advice around creating a profitable operation from your show.

(It’s actually my second time on the show, *Jeremy dusts off his shoulder* and why this email is coming to you so late)

We tried recording last week but faced issue after issue.

(Skype. Typical.)

This happened about 3 times before we decided that the podcast gods just weren’t hearing our prayers.

As it turns out, his lovely internet provider fried his cable while performing routine maintenance outside of his house.

We took a fresh attempt at it today and it came out smooth-as-buttah.

Anywho, it reminded me of how sometimes things don’t work on your first approach.

For instance, I released some content last month that I truly felt would help my audience, and naively thought that by hitting publish it would spread through the web like mystery-colored-dresses.

Negative Nancy.

How’d I push through?

Well, after giving it a little time and taking a look with a fresh set of eyes, I realized how I could get the word out further to help podcasters grow their lists.

After a week or two, I now have many friends (including a few of you on this list) and people like Lewis Howes hearing me out and implementing my advice.

The moral of the story – sometimes a nice break is needed when you feel the resistance…


Keep trying, because you’ll never know who’s watching, listening, or ready for your work.

My sit-down with Brian goes live tomorrow, and if you’re on this list, you’ll want to check it out and subscribe.

No need to take a knee to the podcast gods, I’ll shoot a link over when it’s up.


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