Buff vs. Broke

A cautionary story:

It’s a new year, and people by the hundreds are flocking to the gym on the “new year new me” bandwagon.

Come February, gyms everywhere will be raking in the dough and not needing to provide any services because the majority who signed up won’t stick around even 31 days.

Even better (or worse):

A percent of those who started the year strong will hurt themselves from over-exerting their bar-curling powers.

The gym (just like your email list) is highly psychological… And Less about “what you do” and more about “why you do it”.

But, just by doing one simple thing (that makes it easier for you and those around you to get results faster than following even the most complex regimen) you’ll have visible proof that what you’re doing works – with your muscles, and yes, with your email list.

What’s this one thing?

It involves the psychology of the human mind an short attention spans. And…

… I’ll reveal the rest later tonight.

(don’t you just hate me?)

Here’s where you can tune in live (for free, but only for 24 hours):

Download the Periscope app on your smartphone and follow me (@WhatUpJeremy).

Tonight, I’ll be revealing this psychological similarity between the gym and your email list that separates the broke from the buff.

Oh – and I’ve invited a few of my friends to join in.

The fun starts at 8 PM EST.

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