[ REcast ] Favorite Moments From 2014 (with my friends Gregg Clunnis, Tee Williams, & Ander Frischer)

Let’s be honest…

I’ve been slacking with the podcast. If you listen to the MagicHour morning, then you might know why.

Excuses? I have none.

Ok… Maybe one.

Let’s just say that one of those is me spending time with my friends on their shows :)

The episode you’re about to listen to includes a few snippets from recent recordings on mine, and a few other podcasts.
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2 Goals Rules For 2015

Jeremy's 2015 Rules

Each new year that comes around tends to bear goals and missions to complete them.

I have a few of them in mind, but I was recently inspired by John Romaniello to take a deeper look into the rules in my life and am deciding to put more weight on my life’s governing guidelines.

I’ve decided to stick with 13 rules, 5 of which I’ll be sharing here.

At the end of the post, you’ll have the option to download the strategy I’m following to create and follow my rules, along with the chance to share yours with me on an upcoming episode of The Montoya Experiment.

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