[ PODCAST ] How Rookies Think About Business

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  • The underlying business lesson in being overweight my whole life, and why you SHOULDN’T do what I did to shed the pounds
  • What I did to transition from a ‘meat-eating’ to a plant-based diet, and how it can impact the outcome of your business
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Episode 7 – The Future Of Social Media With Peter Shankman

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Is it true that nice guys (or gals) finish last?

Growing up, I heard this over, and over, and over…

Today’s guest, Peter Shankman, has spent a big portion of his career debunking this myth and sharing how companies and people can break through this limiting belief.

As the author of the best selling book “Nice Companies Finish First” (affiliate link), Peter shared his experience with the World’s top companies who stand out by simply being one-level above crap.

In his new book, titled “Zombie Loyalist – Using Great Service to Create Rabid Fans” (affiliate link), Peter is showcasing what it takes to build a cult-like following around your message.

Peter-Shankman-on-The-Montoya-Experiment---Being-NiceOn top of being a businessman and best selling author, Peter is a thought leader online.

He’s someone who has a sense for where things are headed and he shared his vision for what the future of social media will look like, and how it’ll impact our connected World.

Exclusive Download: Go here to download the free bonus that will help you prepare for the future of social media.

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Episode 6 – The Montoya Experiment

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Top 10 Ways To SMASH Any Goal

When I was younger, I would look around at all of the lazy people around me get uber excited about the year coming to an end…

They would inevitably start saying things like “new year, new me”…

… only to be in the same place the next year. Ha.

The highly successful, hell, even the moderately successful know that every month, day, and hour is a chance to restart and regain the traction in what’s important in their life.

They didn’t wait until the new year. They just did it.

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