Strikeout – A Jeremy Montoya Original

I see it time and time again… someone wants to put out content but hesitates (delays) because they feel they aren’t ready.

It’s never actually a lack of equipment like you want to believe..

Getting results by creating a personal brand or youtube channel (etc) for your business means tying it to a pain.

Whether your ready to be producing content or not – there’s a World of people online waiting for your message, for your passion, for your product…

And what it comes down to is simple:

Are you willing to strikeout?

8 How To Find Clients: Start Your Own Business

If you want to know the easiest way to start your own business, then you must understand how to find clients.

Starting an online business is usually made complicated because we think business cards, logos, and LLC’s are the best first steps.

(spoiler: that’s totally wrong)

In this post, you’ll learn exactly what I did to start making money online and how to find clients… Even if you’ve never started your own business before.

Follow along and you’re going to learn:

  • how to find clients online and the EXACT strategy I used to work with celebrity entrepreneurs
  • how to pick a skill and target market that guarantees you’ll get paid
  • how to make sure you’re focusing on the right tasks
  • how to start a business without making major mistakes along the way

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