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The good kind of “special”

I noticed something in the podcast space about a year ago:

If you recall,

a show called “Start Up” by Alex Blumberg came out to much fanfare.

It was a show that documented the process of a start up in the podcast space…

… via a podcast.


^^That’s not even the crazy part.


everyone and their mother started adding music behind their entire podcast episodes,

recording sponsors talking about their products,

and trying to spruce up their shows.

Here’s what they didn’t know:

Effective storytelling requires none of those things.

While fancy songs and interview-style commercials were new to most podcasters and their listeners,

this was nothing new since NPR has been doing this for years.

At the end of the day most of those me-too shows aren’t around any longer.

But whether you have a show, Youtube channel, or are making digital products and offering services,

knowing the fine points of telling memorable stories sets you apart from easily 95% of your market and frames you as “special”.

(in a good way)


good storytelling is hard to spot because it “just sucks you in” and keeps your attention.


Any who,

inside of this month’s Email Elite Exclusive Training lies a simple framework for effective storytelling that you’d wish you only found sooner.

To get access to it before goes away,

simply join Email Elite before the June 1 deadline.

It cost less than the coffee you bought this morning or the app you bought last night.

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Jeremy Montoya


I’m not a player… I just crush a lot

I have a confession…

For the first 20 years of my life, I suffered from something plaguing millions of other men.

(and more women than you’d think)

It’s called “nice guy syndrome”.

I’d put women on a pedestal (trying to keep it clean), and bend over backwards (still trying) and do anything for attention to try and “win them over”…

… ultimately losing site of my own worth in the chase of someone else’s perceived worth.

Truth is, this happens all day to other guys. Which explains why the dating and relationships market accounts for billions of dollars in revenue each year.

What it all boils down to is this:

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Giving thanks to wally world and CompUSA

People all over the US are gearing up for one of our biggest holidays:

Black Friday.


But let’s be honest…

Our tradition of “giving thanks” (regardless of the truth of Thanksgiving or the reality of what pilgrims actually experienced) has been hijacked by corporations who exploit strong emotional triggers to get you to spend every last penny on low-quality goods.

We’ll see lines (probably starting today) taking form at big-box retailers, news segments of grandmas being trampled over in wally world, and many mid-income families blowing money they don’t have.

(how’s that for some holiday cheer?)

I remember when these hot sales lasted only for day, and the best sales only went on for the first hour or two…

Which caused mass hysteria at your local CompUSA.

(simpler times)

Since these big sales are “limited time only”, it causes a change in the human mind that inspires action by leveraging one of the most powerful psychological buttons known to man:

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Who likes “thinking”, anyway?

A good friend came to me the other day with a problem…

He had just stepped off stage at an event that had the exact target market he’s going after in his raw foods biz.

Being around me, he understands the importance of building an email list for his business…

But hasn’t gotten around to building it.

After telling me more, he said that he tried figuring out how to collect emails from attendees, but got stuck thinking about the tech and just said “forget it”.


My advice: keep it simple.

Get out a piece of paper and have those folks fill that baby out!

It’s no different when you’re a podcaster, speaker, or author…

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