What I’ve been doing (wrong) – Ep. 11 – The Montoya Experiment

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  • The biggest business lesson I’ve learned in 2015 (and what it means if you’re creating content online)
  • The “content trap” and how to avoid it
  • Is content (podcasts, blogs, videos, etc.) worthless? (hint: It is unless you have this specific type of business)
  • What happens when you don’t “right hook” or have anything to offer your audience
  • The major mental change that’s caused me to slow most of my content creation down to a minimum
  • What to do if you want to be like one of your heroes (online or in “real life”) – even if you have to pay
  • What most podcasters end up doing when they don’t know what to do (and what you should focus on if that’s you)
  • Don’t know what to say to your audience? Start doing this.

  • Why it doesn’t matter if you’re an expert or not (and how to overcome this mindset)
  • Why you should share what you’re experiencing in your business (and be as transparent as possible)
  • The OTHER kind of email list you NEED to build if you’re just getting started or want to make money online (or want to work with high-profile entrepreneurs and companies)
  • Why I’m glad I had to learn the hard way about how to make money and grow a business online
  • Who I decided to target online, and how I identified what he needed help with (before I even reached out)
  • The lessons I learned about ‘pitching’ (and how I outline why I’m the best person to solve your problem)
  • How I doubled my efforts (and exploded my email list) by sharing my client experiences with celebrity entrepreneurs
  • Imposter Syndrome. Full of sh*t? Or completely true?
  • How to become an authority (especially if you’re just getting started online or in business)
  • What happened when I realized content wasn’t going to cut it with my first podcast (and what we had to do to dig ourselves out)
  • Why I got into creating content online (and why that’s NOT the right place to start)
  • What to do when you’re want to make money online (and how to get a kickstart building your authority with your future audience)
  • What to do when your products, coaching, and services aren’t ‘sticking’ with your audience



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