How (not) to pick what to offer your email subscribers

This is like music to my ear-hair:

“Jeremy, I’ve started building my list… but now I want to sell to them…

How do I know what I should offer?”

I don’t know what you should offer, unfortunately.

But here’s what I DO know:

Most would complicate this issue and take a long, dark road down creating offers they THINK their audience would buy.

Either way, it’s a good problem to have.

Back in my hay-day, I worked for Apple, and there’s one big thing that I continue to use:

Asking questions.

Don’t know where start? Ask questions.

Want to make something your audience will value? Ask questions.

Stuck? Ask (better) questions.

In fact, it’s the reason I started offering one-on-one coaching as well as strategy sessions.

You told me to.

I get it, sharing your list-size and download numbers is a pretty personal thing.

When you do share, why not make is something you’re proud of?

(you see?.. questions… in full-effect.)

Let’s figure out the answer for you.

Click below to make it happen:

Jeremy Montoya

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