No pretty eyes and no begging

There’s an old tale that’ll cause you to never look at time the same way.

It goes something like this:

One day a little 5 year old girl looked her father in his eyes after a hard day at work and asked how much he makes for a living.

He takes a second to think about it, and replies “well, fourteen dollars an hour.”

Without skipping a beat, the little girl responds “OK. Can I have seven dollars?”

Another moment passes. He hands her the seven dollars without thinking about it and she marches off to bed.

The next morning comes around, and as her dad is going to kiss her goodbye, she hands him a total of fourteen dollars and says:

“Here daddy, can you go in an hour late?”

*pretty eyes*

What does this little story have to do with list building, podcasting, or anything, really?

Two simple things.


What’s your time worth?

In today’s society, there’s a price for anything (and everything).

Knowing “your price” helps you sort through your day and understand what you should be focusing on…

So when that shiny new social network pops up out of no where that you HAVE to be on, you’re able to decide if it’s worth your time or not.

The second lesson:

Buying time.

You’ll always be able to earn more money.

Get a job.

Offer a service.

Sell something people want.

But when it comes to time…

We’re all just inching towards the finish line.

In the long run, I know you’re going to build a list of raving fans and supporters who can’t wait to hear from you…

But how long?

Leveraging time and experience can be your ticket to better results, a thriving business, and money in your pocket.

So if you are of the “investment mindset” and want lasting results now, here’s what you need to do:

1) Go to this link and load the page:

2) Type in your information. You’ll need to confirm before checking out.

3) Use the link provided after checkout to schedule your 45 minute one-on-one strategy session with me.

That’s it.

No pretty eyes and no begging.

(just as it should be)

Because the moment that father was offered fourteen dollars by his little girl, he realized something…

Life’s short and time is precious.

So spend yours doing the things you love.

Here’s the link again:

Jeremy Montoya

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