This will work (unless your 98+)

Building a house is a lot like building an audience.

You get the blueprints, buy the materials, and have the house assembled.

(ok, ok, summed up)

Without the blueprints, you wouldn’t know what to buy, or how it would all go together.

It’s the same with your audience…

You need to know who’s in your audience before building up your solutions.

Case and point: Sameer Kumar.

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Sameer is a World-class immigration lawyer who “figured it out” by learning and testing.

He knows his audience is a little older, and knows their exact pain points…

… as well as how to solve them.

Sameer took the stage last night at I Love Marketing.

(the same group I went in front of a few months back)

And while most would tell you to “go to this URL ” or “download my app”…

Sameer instead trusts his instincts.

What did he offer as an opt-in bribe from the stage?


That’s right.

No fancy eBook.

No webinar or tele-seminar.

No app.


Just a CD.

And the funniest thing of it all:

Seeing the hands starting to reach for his free gift when he held it up.

(which he didn’t even hand out at the event)

Sameer got smart and used The Take Home Technique to get the information of those interested.


Because unless your 98, chances are you know how to text message.

Why else?

Because he’s tested it, and knows that his target customers respond well to it.

It’s not that hard…

Find your people and get inside of their minds as fast as you can…

Do that, and you’ll be a natural Bob Villa in no time.

Want opt-ins from your next speech, presentation or podcast?

Go here:

The Take Home Technique.

Jeremy Montoya

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