These *really* suck

A question/assumption popping it’s little head up over and over again:

“… I assume you’re expensive to work with, Jeremy… So before I’m ready to commit to coaching, what should I focus on?”

I understand.

Even if you aren’t ready for one-on-one coaching…

… or a few hundred bucks is a stretch for you at the moment – I completely understand and still want to be of help.

After chatting with a few of you last week, I noticed a recurring theme…

The getting started phase of list-building is causing issues.

For some (myself included), growing a list of people who want to hear what you have to say can be daunting…

How the heck do I get opt-ins from my website or podcast?

What sort of technology do I need for list-building?

What do I do once I have a growing list of email addresses?

These concerns sucked the life out of me like a leech at one time or another.

So before you get light-headed from the blood loss that ensues, here’s what you should be focusing on:

1) list the places your audience is already giving their time to

(think: blogs, magazines, products, services, etc.)

… I call this finding your “invisible friends”…

… which will soon become very visible…

2) take your list and build relationships with those community owners, managers, and influencers

3) find ways you can be of value

It can be as little as a blog comment or as big as writing an article that brings value to the conversation already happening.

Just don’t suck (ha), and the opportunities will start finding you.

Jeremy Montoya

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P.S. – I still have room available for one-on-one coaching.

I have no doubt that you will build your list…

… but the only variable is time.

(which is the ultimate currency)

If “buying time” and getting results are your thing, let’s chat.

I’ve helped people like Chris LoCurto, Lewis Howes, and members of my community with list building – and can help you, too.

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