Give them candy. Get their email.

A few days back, a good friend and I were grabbing a bite to eat at Whole Foods.

Halfway through some salads I dropped some info that, if executed properly, will likely bring him and his new business in hundreds of dollars (and thousands, very quickly) per month in recurring revenue.

What does he do?

He’s in the healing foods arena.

(Creating and selling delicious, healthy desserts that stimulate the neuro-activity of the mind and body, and is targeted at medical practitioners to help make their clients and their services more effective.)

And, he had just given a cold pitch to a room full of his ideal clients earlier that day.

(Believe me, these are the EXACT people who want what he’s offering.)

Anywho, here was my advice:

*Next time he’s up in front of the folks he knows would like and benefit from his delectable treats, offer a ’carrot’ in exchange for their contact info (like name, email, and maybe even phone number)

*Follow up later that day by sending an email (hell, even a phone call) out to his fresh list of interested people with an offer for something like “$15 off your first order” with an expiration attached to it

*Create a recurring model with his brain-stimulating treats that requires at least a 3-month commitment with month-to-month shipments of his core product, that comes along with new samples of versions he’s working on

And then…

Keep adding to this list and tracking who buys, who doesn’t, along with who clicks, opens, and disregards.

Give them a sample of the candy, ask for their contact info. (since they’re already showing interest)

It’s that simple.

Jeremy Montoya

PS – A great thing about getting your market’s contact info is that you can survey them and ask them questions, much like I do.

Questions about their worries, fears, and aspirations.

Check out mine here.

(and fill it out while you’re there)


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