Girl scouts will envy the doors you’ll open

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If you’d like to ‘go-it-alone’ and take the long, uphill road to build your podcast’s audience, then stop reading this email. Now.

Great. Glad you’re still here.

I’ve spoken to quite a few of you guys over the last few days, and I’m noticing a lot of you knocking on some of the same doors:

  • Wanting to build a list, but not knowing how
  • Know that having a list is important, but not knowing where to start
  • Up to the neck in learning content, and have no idea where to start implementing
  • Exploring Facebook and twitter ads as a way to list-build
  • Fear that you’ll start a blog, podcast, book, or list and no one will want it

(I was SHOCKED that getting sponsorships didn’t even poke their little ugly faces out – not once. Kudos.)

Some of those problems are solvable, and some are mindset issues that will revolve until your outlook changes.

But regardless of the scenario, if you don’t collect the names – you can’t connect.


*cue slamming door sound effect*

And when it comes to doors, when they do open, sometimes they don’t stay that way for long.

Take my coaching, for instance.

You won’t find it advertised on my site, there isn’t a place to sign up, and you must be on this list to even have the chance to get in.

And, although the doors are open now, I can only let 2 more people in.

The deal is, I only take serious people who understand that an email list is the most important asset a business can have – and are wanting to build a door of opportunity, instead of knocking on every shiny door that springs up.

(shoot me over a note by replying to this email if that’s you)

Regardless if coaching is for you or not, I do have a question:

If I could wave a magic wand and spring a solution into existence for you, what would it be?

Respond to this email or visit this link for a quick survey.

Peace out girl scout.

Jeremy Montoya

PS – When I finally found the coach ‘for me’, it was like the pearly gates were opening up.

I knew immediately what I needed to focus on, why I needed to focus on it, and how I was going to move the ball – instead of knocking on the wrong door, leading me down paths of wasted time and effort.

Every conversation I’ve had with my coach has eliminated years (literally) of learning and many self-imposed obstacles.

I hold no shame in repeatedly telling you about my coaching, because I know how it feels to struggle getting passive listeners into list subscribers.

I was tired of the feeling that else was running laps around me, and decided that was it.

If that’s you, hit reply and let’s chat or visit this link:

I just may be able to help.


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