Put on your list-building cajones

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Today, an email response to my question of “what’s holding you back from building your list?”

Dusty writes…

“things that have been holding me back:

…not having the cajones to really get out there and talk about what i’m really passionate about. which i’m now doing. but i still don’t know how to build a list.”

I’ve been there…

(we probably all have)

Anything new is foreign, and therefore can feel “scary.”

People with HUGE audiences face the same concerns like:

  • How will I be perceived?
  • What if I don’t make the right offer?
  • What if I don’t know how to build and maintain an email list?

The second and third questions are answered in this week’s case-study, and we’ll get to number 1 in just a second…

Before Lewis Howes and I started chatting about using his show to build his list, he had a healthy subscriber base, a thriving business, and a much listened-to podcast.

The epic recipe for success.

The only thing left to be done?

Tying them together.

As he did – and letting the results speak for themselves.

So whether you’re just getting your email list started, or you’re looking to leverage your podcast to add to it, remember these things:

  • You have to stretch your comfort-zone
  • Keep pushing forward
  • Screw ANYONE who doesn’t have anything constructive to say about your attempts (brash?)

… AND…

… sometimes you have to put on your ‘big girl’ cajones and give it all you got.

Got them on?


Now put them to good ‘use’ by learning how you can get 250+ new subscribers in your next podcast episode.

Jeremy Montoya

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