Friends (with benefits)

Earlier today I was putting in a little work into a case-study I plan to have live this week to show how you can get a few hundred new email subscribers in as little as 3 podcast episodes.

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Why do I tell you this?

One word:


You see, making progress is awesome – but making progress on the right things is even better.

For a few years, I circled around broad subjects like entrepreneurship, motivation, and personal branding.

(what the hell is personal branding, anyway??? A rant for another email haha.)

But as I started building my list, I found what subscribers were actually wanting and looking for help with.

Which ties this whole message all together:

The importance of an email list and what it makes possible.

Yes, you can sell things…

… but above that, you can make friends…

(friends with problems that you can solve)

And ON TOP of that, it’s had some additional “benefits”…

… like accountability.

When I tell you guys something, I get it done.

When I keep it in my head, it’ll get buried under the barrage of “life” happening to me at any given second.

So my only question today:

Have you already started building your list?

(If yes, what do you consider your roadblocks to growing it?

If no, what’s stopping you?)

I’m sitting by patiently awaiting your response.

Your friend,

(with benefits)

Jeremy Montoya

PS – Best response(s) get included in an upcoming email broadcast or episode of The Montoya Experiment.

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