Why I don’t trust skinny folks (and “big name” podcasters)

When I was younger, I carried around a few extra pounds.

(to say the least)

Every coach, friend, Tom, Dick, and Harry would tell me that I should exercise more, get outdoors, and my favorite:

“wait until you start growing.”

Silly skinny people.

You see, after 24 years of failing with that advice (and not really “growing” much), I was forced to turn to my nutrition and what I was putting into my body.

Months (more like weeks) later I was in the best shape of my life.

without lifting a muscle

Had I known what I should’ve spent my attention on, I would’ve had the results I wanted much sooner.

I felt the same a few months into being a podcaster.

My concerns:

  • How do I get more downloads?
  • How do I get more iTunes reviews?
  • How can I land big sponsorships?

And I hear those same concerns from 90% of podcasters.

They are misled by other ‘big’ names online who don’t have the closest clue for how to get started. But I don’t blame them.

They are at a different stage in their business and are distant from the ‘getting started’ stage most are in.

It’s a lot like the skinny person telling me how to loose weight, when the skinny person usually didn’t have to.

Finding out that I should’ve spent all of my attention focusing on what I eat was no different than finding out I should put my time and attention into building my email list:

Life changing… with quicker results than anything else I’ve ever done.

So, if you’re looking to loose weight – find someone who’s done-did-it.

Finding out that you should build your list?

Surround yourself with those doing it…

… emulate them…

… and don’t take advice from those too distant from your problem to actually solve it…

(or follow anyone who says things to the effect of “wait until you just start growing”)

… and then go here:


Jeremy Montoya

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