Stepping in podcast poo

As many of you know, I got my first puppy in the form of a Yorkie dubbed Elvis about a month or two ago.

As I got home from the gym yesterday, I made sure to let him out so that he could go relieve himself – and figured to step out with him to get some fresh air.

He ran, he squatted, he played.

Somewhere in the mix of his small attention span and happy nature, he managed to step in the one pile of fresh doggy dung, smack dab in the middle of the yard.


I couldn’t help but laugh and give him a hard time, I mean, the poo was pretty much at eye-level.

But, as karma would have it, I got taught a valuable lesson in poking fun when I realized I somehow did the same.

Let’s just say I was slightly surprised.

I had the same reaction on my face to the poo as I did a few months back when I noticed a 1-star rating on my show.

I thought to myself: “What did I do to deserve this?”

On top of a 1-star rating, the reviewer didn’t have the testicular fortitude to leave a comment with actual thoughts.

But, as I look back, I realize a valuable lesson in all of this…

(Yes, in my poo-ridden Nikes, as well)

Sometimes, you have to step in crap to remember that you aren’t perfect or that you don’t have the foresight to notice every obstacle.

Should you aim for 1-star reviews?


In fact, you should avoid them like the cow-pies that lace my backyard.

But, if you get them, count your blessings.

Because someone, somewhere, thought highly enough of you to take time out of their day to share their *thoughts*.

(Aren’t you special?)

So the next time someone gives you a hard time, show them this post…

And have them share their *thoughts* for me here:

(you should do the same)


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