This is how podcasting *usually* goes…

I see this happen WAY too often:

“I want to start a podcast! I better get my cover art designed, order business cards, and setup my website!”


(if I had a nickel for every time I saw a podcaster say some version of this, I’d have more in spare change than they have in their business checking accounts)

Thinking that any one of those things is what actually makes a podcast (or business, for that matter) successful, is like thinking that a car can’t be driven without a windshield, power locks, and seats.

… yes, it might create a car ride more awkward than your freshman year of high school, but…


Case and point:

My man Chris LoCurto.

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If you don’t know Chris (hint: you need to), he’s an ex-employee of Dave Ramsey who went rouge to build his own empire, and now hosts a well-respected podcast.

I linked up with Chris and his team a few months back and shared this little technique that was working wonders for building my email list.

He instinctively knew it was something that would bring his audience value while building his list – and we were off to the races.

His episode was set to go live the next morning…

… and that’s when it happened.

His site went down.

But, even after well over 16 hours of his site being lost in cyberspace, his episode STILL yielded opt-ins.

(more opt-ins, I dare say, than most shows will see in their entire lifespan)

Had we implemented SMS before this, the email opt-ins would have steadily poured in – regardless of the site being down.

So before you run off “playing business” and focusing on things that don’t “move the car”, consider focusing on your email list.

And get SMS setup while you’re at it.

You’ll thank me.

Because when you have your audience’s contact info, you can “actually” solve problems – and if you bring the value – maybe even earn some “mulah” in the process.

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