Do you know the #1 reason to have a podcast?

I remember it like it was yesterday…

Just one year ago my first podcast launched in iTunes.

Here’s how I pictured it going:

*Show launches, iTunes takes notice and features us somewhere that helps us get discovered

*Big-name guests hear about the show and reach out to be featured

*My email inbox becomes overloaded with sponsorship opportunities to get in front of listeners

*Listeners love the show, leave an iTunes review, share on social, and tell everyone they know


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If only I realized the #1 reason why I was actually podcasting it wouldn’t have looked like this:

*Launched show to zero fan-fare

*I focus tons of time on making pretty images and signing up for social media accounts

*I reach out to all of the same sponsors I hear on the big-shows thinking my audience of “small-but-growing” appeals to their end-goals

*I practically beg and plead with family and friends to leave a review so that “more can discover the show”

Rookie mistakes.

Had I focused instead on building an (even small) email list, it could’ve worked out like this:

*Create content for places my potential listeners hang out

*Direct them back to a single-purpose landing-page with a relevant lead magnet

*Start mailing them regularly with ideas, stories, and advice that solves problems they know I’m able to

*Build anticipation for the soon-to-be-launched show

If those people love it, they’ll do the hard work and spread the word.

And since I’d be using The Take Home Technique to grow my list, there will be many others I can start emailing and sharing my knowledge with.

Because when you have a list and a relationship, you have the shot at business.

And if that’s not your number 1 goal, then what is?


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