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I liked FaceBook groups at one point, but I’m quickly starting to despise them.

Every time I login, I see things like…

*How can I get more downloads?

*OMG look at this spike in downloads!

*Does anyone know how to tell how many podcast subscribers I have?

These are probably the same folks asking non-stop for reviews or buying social media courses.

There’s only one metric that *really* matters in your podcast…

(next to revenue, of course)

And that’s your email list.

A ‘happy place’ exists somewhere in between subscribers, open rates, and click-throughs that allows you to create an *intimate* relationship with your audience.

Podcasts are great.

But want to know something better?

Keeping the lights on.

(Or even having the chance to)

So stop worrying about things that don’t matter and start finding ways to get your currently passive listeners from your show and over to list.

If you want a 0–60 mph head start, check out my interview with Brian Kane on ProfitCast and start experimenting with the take home technique.

Listen here, then download the PlayBook directly to your device and start testing.

And remember…

Groupies aren’t ever on the actual stage, only serious performers who figured *it* out.


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