Only you can prevent fender-benders

You’re cruising down the freeway at 75 MPH and then…


They hit you with it.

Your favorite podcaster just gave you an amazing resource that you can’t wait to get.

Slam on the breaks?

Pause and shake your legs anxiously like you have to pee as you wait to get a chance to stop and take action?

Browse the web while driving??

(please don’t, or warn me when you’re driving so I can stay off the road)

Here’s the problem…

Many podcasters provide some great value, I don’t doubt it.

But they hide it behind long a$$ URL’s that are impossible to remember.

Or spell.

Or ever do anything with.

What’d ya do?

Well first, you stop giving long URL’s out left and right.

And second, you listen to my interview on ProfitCast that just went live.

If you don’t know about ProfitCast, my friend Brian Kane features guests and info around helping podcasters succeed – and has tons of episodes you need to catch up on if you aren’t already subscribed.

Listen on iTunes or from his site.

Luckily for me, I’m off the road today and diving in hat-first to amazing sessions at InfusionSoft’s yearly conference.

You’ll probably hear more about this throughout the week.

So keep your head’s up here.

(and on the road).


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