[ PODCAST ] Why your favorite expert is overrated and how to avoid their trap

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Here’s what you’ll get in this week’s episode:

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  • The ONE purpose your podcast should serve (besides your audience)
  • Why you should stop asking for ratings and reviews in your show
  • How to connect with your audience beyond your show (hint: it’s not social media)
  • Why podcasting is a one-way street (the reason why I share my SoundCloud link OVER iTunes any day of the week)
  • The the three things you need in order to build your audience (miss one of these and you’ll stifle your growth)
  • The step 99% of podcasters skip (this is what keeps podcasts from becoming businesses)
  • Where you should drive listeners if you want to build a conversation (and relationship, for that matter)
  • The little technique I used to double my email list (and a step-by-step walkthrough I’m giving away for free so that you can do the same)
  • Why podcasting is the WORST way to grow your email list
  • The metric you should be measuring (hint: it’s not podcast subscribers or downloads)
  • Where I failed with all of my previous podcasts (miss this, and you’ll probably fail, too)
  • Give this away if you want to grow your community (and get them to your webinars to convert)
  • The BIG mistake the ‘big guys’ are making by emailing weekly (and the trap you’ll fall into by following their thoughtless lead)
  • Why you should be emailing more frequently (this is how you can become the ‘stand out’ leader in your industry)
  • The difference between leaders and experts (and why you don’t want to be the latter)
  • My framework for communicating with your list daily (and why you’ll want to stop weekly communication all together)
  • How to tie your marketing and business into your personal life with lessons
  • The scheduling tactic to implement that will ensure your success with email communication
  • The power in being observant of your life (and the method I learned to start exercising the ‘pay attention’ muscle ASAP)
  • The full-proof method you need to use if you want to avoid or breakthrough writer’s block (this is what gets the words flowing)
  • What not to do at the end of your email (and how to get responses, clients, and sales)
  • The BEST thing to include in your emails to get your readers to take action (and what steps to take once they do)
  • How to get email opt-ins with ‘podcast upgrades’ by ‘talking it into existence’ in your show
  • What I’ve learned from using ‘podcast upgrades’ in my shows (and what you’re missing out on by delaying this in your podcast)
  • Probably the single best method to get influencers to work with you and post your work on their sites (this is how you build, or start building traffic)
  • What you need to do in order to make landing guest posts and podcast interviews virtually impossible to say ‘no’ to (and how to network with big-time influencers in your industry)
  • Why I gladly pay high-dollar amounts to advance my knowledge and business
  • How to avoid being a commodity in your market (especially if you have a media, freelance, or a service-like business)
  • Where I’m taking my knowledge in the near future (and how you can avoiding being a ‘generalist’)

Download ‘The Digital Postman Delivery Method’ to start positioning yourself as leader with your list and market by communicating daily.

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