I didn’t die (i think)


For the last year (or so) I’ve sent out daily – or at least weekly updates from me on things like business, podcasting, email list-building, and email marketing.

And I kinda just stopped emailing a few months back.

I was off to do soul searching, etc.


While I stopped mailing you guys, I did start mailing another list I made “by hand”.

… and I also started a vlog, started a new diet (already down 10!), and planned my first charity event (it was Friday, vlog coming this week!).

What I found after looking into the deep, dark depths of who I am is simple:

I’m more than list-building and email marketing.

And, although I still want to talk about the above, I have so much more waiting inside me to share with the World.

So that’s what this note is about.

  1. I want to keep in contact and I like to invite you stay on/join this journey with me. (instructions on how to do that in just a second). And,
  2. I didn’t want to leave you hanging any longer than I already have.


Before I tell you what to do to stay or abandon ship, here’s some things I’m thinking about sharing in the near future:

  • Get more done in less time / what I found from tracking my time for a year straight
  • How dealing with rejection makes you a stronger person
  • How I lost 10 lbs one week in October
  • How I lost 30 lbs one month in 2016
  • Managing your love, family, and business lives

^^and that’s just blog stuffs.

From day 1 I’ve been trying different things and 2017/beyond will be no different.

And the chances are high 2018 will be completely different from 2017.

And so on.

That said, we have 2 easy ways to keep in contact.

Number 1:

[convertkit form=4953388]

Number 2:

Follow / subscribe it up here:

YouTube | Instagram | SnapChat

For those of you who’ve been reading/watching stuff from me – I’d like to truly thank you for being on this journey with me.

Some of you found me two years ago, others two hours ago.

Whatever the case, thank you.

At the very least comment below and share with me what’s going on in your world.


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