Do this first – then ditch the guru

Just sat down at the coffee shop in Phoenix.

I’m a little tired after hitting the town last night but all is well.

For some reason last night I was reminded of a few years back when I was trying to build a blog and a podcast with a close friend.

We wound up dating but fell apart after a series of events I take full ownership for.

But you know what,

that’s how life goes.

You might WANT success…

You might WANT to have the riches…

You might WANT to have a raving audience of people who follow your lead and get MASSIVE results…

But what you really need is to learn how to work on your inner-self and overcome some personal things.

If you aren’t aware, I’ve just announced a BRAND NEW product designed to help make building your email list as frictionless as possible–

–so that when people join they’re excited to stay subscribed and more inclined to buy.

More on this in a second.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming…


Your online business is a direct reflection of your personal life, and so on.

Don’t have the riches yet? Look inside.

Don’t know how to find customers? Look inside.

List isn’t building as fast as your guru promised? Look inside.

(and then ditch the guru)

Once your inner-self is exercised you’re more easily able to grow your business.

Enter The List Audit – something I wish I had when I was working to get past a few hundred email subscribers.

I’ll break your site down page-by-page and show you exactly where you’re leaving subscribers (and tons of $$) on the table.

Until next weekend you can get $100 off PLUS a ticket a live “State Of The Union” event (with seats for only 5 peeps) covering what’s working RIGHT NOW in the world of building a business online.

The List Audit

Jeremy Montoya


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