How dare you.

I believe we’re each here to bring something extraordinary to the World.

Each of us – in some way – has something unique inside of us…

…. and the only thing we have to do is find it.


Being “of service” is the approach I take.

I also believe we all have a message in us that the World needs to hear.

Since our society has never been more connected

it creates one of the most incredible opportunities in all of time to spread our uniqueness and message.

Unfortunately for many,

we hold back our best selves,

our mission,

our calling,

because we “aren’t ready” or we wonder “what will others think”.

Reality says that you’ll never be ready and people will ALWAYS have their own opinion.


You’re the only one standing in your way.


I believe when you hold your uniqueness and message back that you’re robbing the world (and yourself) of the greatness that could be.

How dare you.

How dare you keep something so prolific – the thing you were most meant to do – from the World – the people who are dying to hear your message and get your solutions.

Life’s too short to no start or expand your calling to the biggest platforms possible to get the widest and deepest reach.

Stop holding back and take advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime.

Jeremy Montoya


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