How to “pistachio” your business

While on an Email Elite Coaching Session with Member Julie earlier today:

At the beginning of each session we go over the number one goal of the call.

She proclaims:

“How do I pistachio my business?”

Great question.

If you’re new around here,

she’s referring to advice I reference from time to time from Sally Hogshead.

You see…

A lot of people just go with the “vanilla” offering when choosing between options. But there’s a small subset of people who will choose pistachio every time it’s available.

And those pistachio peeps always rave about it.

The flavor speaks to a certain subset of people who can’t ever shut the hell up about it.

^^those are the kind of peeps we want to talk to in each of our markets.

Any who,

to “pistachio” your business you must first “pistachio” oneself.

By this I mean taking a deep look at who you are,

what makes you unique,

and understanding yourself so well that it screams “you” in everything you do.

You’ll know you did it right when others try to copy you and fail miserably.

Another way to “pistachio” your biz is to make unique offers to the different kinds of traffic that visits your sites.

This results in more sales without the BS of “warming” your new subscribers up.

This month’s Email Elite Exclusive Training includes a few methods you can easily implore (like in the next few days) to set your business a part from others and get more sales in the process.

Better hurry,

this one’s coming to a wrap in just a few short days.

This training (and future ones), one-on-one help, and email mentoring from me all included for a few bucks a day.

Jeremy Montoya


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