Using your email list without burning out your subscribers

I’m going to be experimenting with FB ads soon and knew there’s some basic stuff you need in place to get started.


I recently called up my buddy Ethan (he runs a widely successful IG ads agency – let me know if you need someone) and asked for a hand.

He generously helped me.

When the time comes for your pal Jeremy to start running ads alls I have to do is push a button.

You could say it pays to know people.

But there’s also a lot of other things besides people that pays to know.


What to do from day one with your email list so that you get a constant stream of product, content, and partnership ideas with every new subscriber.

Having an email list is one thing — knowing how to use it to profit and help others prosper (while not burning out your subscribers) is another.

Each month Email Elite Members receive an in-depth training where we cover all aspects of one specific topic designed to help your business, bank account, and audience grow.

This month’s includes a few simple strategies that payout from even the smallest of lists.

^^on top of personal coaching and hands-on help from yours truly.

It’ll be delivered to inboxes at the beginning of August, so sign up before July 31st at Midnight PST to have this sent directly to yours.

Jeremy Montoya


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