Hot, steamy, and ready to buy email subscribers

Not too long ago quit the startup I was working for to focus on a business with my former girlfriend.

We heard about people launching a podcast and making tons of money and wanted a piece of the pie for ourselves…

… but we were starting to feel duped.

We had our logo,

started our blog,

and launched our podcast.

Out of desperation we started running Facebook ads to try webinars.

(since this was the next “big thing” to do online to make money)


in order for people to show up to our webinar we figured we should follow up.

So we started sending emails.

Little did we know that that one little task of writing an email to follow up with our leads would get people to show up,

convince a few to buy,

and build our list in the long run.

But there was a problem…

The problem is that we attracted people who had different needs.

Some were working 9–5 and didn’t know there was a way out.

Others were on their way out of their job but struggling at certain points.

And then we had peeps who left their day job successfully and needed help with the next step.

We kept talking to all segments of our audience the exact same way and ended up alienating many people who wanted our help.

Luckily for you,

you get to avoid these missteps and move further head much faster than we were ever able to.


Because not only will you discover a powerful way to attract multiple segments of your audience to your business with your content in this month Email Elite Exclusive Training – you’ll also discover a powerful framework that results in immediate sales and turns “so so” leads into hot, steamy, ready to buy subscribers.

That business failed and so did my relationship.

However both of those events shaped my life in ways I now see as priceless.

Avoid the same mistakes I did and join Email Elite today before you can no longer access this Exclusive Training.*

Jeremy Montoya

*Relationship advice not included


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