Fight for your list-building rights

A few months ago I was invited to a charity event nearby in Scottsdale but I couldn’t attend.


I did the next best thing I could and offered my services as a package to one lucky winner.

Well a good buddy entered for my raffle so that I could spend time with his brother who’s focused on content marketing for himself and his company….

… and he won.

Fast-forward to today and we just had our hour call together.

He’s now apart of an IT company in San Diego that’s ramping up their email efforts

and my advice broke down into balancing three approaches….

1. Know where the party is

If you want access to your target audience,

then you have to know where they’re already spending their time.

Extra points if you know what kind of music they party to,

adult-shaped beverages they enjoy,

and who else is expected to be at said party.

All of this makes for great, highly personalized, email content as well.

2. Know where the party is going

Success in sales is 90% about leading.

Leading your audience to your products,


and to an agreement.


if you don’t know where they plan on going next then you won’t be able to take them where you want.

Partying is about mutual fun,

so keep it fun and light-hearted while drilling your audience for answers.

3. Throw your own party

This is where it gets fun.

Cold emailing and calling is one thing,

but actually being the source of the fun is another.

This means having your own Facebook Group,

events your audience WANTS to attend,

and, yes,

building your email list.

Where so much noise and competition these days you HAVE to find ways to stay ahead,

always be leading,

and fight to make your party better than anyone else.

There’s no better way to get my personal help on your business so we can jam together on ways you can grow it immediately than with Email Elite.

You gotta fight for your right…

… and the party starts here:

Jeremy Montoya

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