Big Picture. small picture.

I had super deep chat with my buddies last night that still has me thinking.

(maybe it was the early morning… Things get fuzzy after travel and switching timezones)

Any who…

When you get to the bottom of it,

there are very few things in life that matter…


it can be so easy to lose sight of how far you’ve come,

what you’ve learned so far,

and for all the things you DO have.

I mean,

This online business stuff is fun but I’d trade it in an instant for my family’s health.

At the same time,

we entrepreneurs risk practically everything for the chance to create something great.

Something that withstands time,

provide for our families,

and sends us to bed with a feeling of accomplishment.

Life is short.

^^that’s why it’s important to keep the big AND small picture in mind.

Being grateful that you can walk, talk, and think while also having a deep rooted feeling of unsatisfaction that wakes you up everyday to sell like hell and leave no cards unturned.

Somedays you’ll feel great,

and others you’ll feel like you aren’t going anywhere.

Either way,

say “thanks” and move on to the next moment.

Action starts the process and sales cures all.

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