Questions, Distractions, and the balance of both

From a conversation just now with my Uber driver, Scott:

He mentions that he’s been listening to Tim Ferriss’s podcast and recently read the Four Hour Workweek.

(smart man)

He’s on a journey right now to making his own online business when he brings up what’s been on his mind:

“There has to be a way I can make money on the internet.”


the fact of the matter is that their are many ways.

(some less ethical than others)

But I told him what I’d tell you,

my grandma,

or anyone else for that matter:

A better question to ask is:

“How can I bring value with what I know or am willing to learn?”

When you come from the question above ^^,

your RAS

(Reticular Activating System, look it up)

goes to work for you to find the answer.


when you’re just looking to make money things will be foggy.


You have to ask the right questions while avoiding the wrong distractions.

When a student comes to me with concerns it’s one of the two things above that are out of balance…

… they’re asking the wrong questions

(and getting the wrong answers)

or focusing on things that delay their success.

The key is having something to offer and knowing the people who have the money to pay for it.

What if you have multiple things you’re offering?


that’s where your email list comes into play.

< queue the Email Elite engine being fired up >

In the August Exclusive Training

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Jeremy Montoya

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