Get down with the tao

My backpack has a string attached by the manufacturer thats’s designed to hold a “features and benefits” tag while it’s on the shelf

and it’s damn near impossible to get off.

Everyday I see this thing,

give it a yank to try and remove it,

fail once again,

and then tell myself

“I’ll get the scissors and take it off later.”


I looked down today and noticed that the friction of this tag rubbing against the bag’s actual zipper is starting to show signs of wear.

Me = no happy.

I even go as so far as to tug on it to try once again

(as I’ve done hundreds of time)

to remove this tag once for all.


I look up to move on and I heard something hit the floor.

I thought I dropped something from my pocket –

– and there it was.

The damn tag.

As if it jumped off my backpack.

Sometimes the things we want most in life happen just like this…

Everyday we show up and try to “force” results in our online business…

… put unnecessary pressure on ourselves…

… notice that it’s not working and start to panic…

And the second we remove ourselves –

– “it” happens.


most give up before that process can take place.

But for those of you that do,

(the diligent and efficient ones)

there’s a program that’s built for you to get results in your online business with the least resistance possible.

It isn’t easy,

but when you learn to balance the process, creating the right habits, and letting things “flow” it’s only a matter of time.

^^that’s what Email Elite was created for.

Let the private coaching,

Exclusive Trainings each month,

and having me at your fingertips to ask questions anytime speed up your process and cut that time down.

Get down with the tao:

Jeremy Montoya


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