Be a psychic (not a psycho) in your market

As I gaze into my crystal ball– er, inbox:

I seriously swear you can read my mind!

Since growing my list implementing your tips these are the EXACT issues I could use help with.

Do you still require annual billing? Or am I able to sign up for individual trainings?






Any who…

You can now join Email Elite as a monthly member,

brining the investment to only $69 a month.

Will I ever sell trainings “stand alone”?

I’ve been asked but haven’t given it much thought.

If so,

I’d probably offer them at their actual value of $199 a pop.


But why go that route when you can get the trainings,

coaching on list-building and product creation,

and all other perks for such a low investment?

(around $4 a day – less than most of us spend on apps and coffee these days…)

My goal = transferring what I know to you.

Meaning you too will be granted the mind-reading prowess at hand to use ethically as means to enhance the lives of your target audience –

– while building a location-independent business that pays the bills.

And more.

Gather ye around the crystal ball and gaze here:

Jeremy Montoya


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