I got set straight by the email goods

Just got done meeting and having dinner with my friend Damien.

He’s been helping me with some designs around Email Elite.

Logos, stationary, brand standards, etc.

It’s something that I’ve been putting off.

You could say I’ve had some “limiting beliefs” around this because of how much tell people NOT to focus on those things.

(when they should be focusing on validating their products, surveying their audience, and offering services as experiments for products)

Well, let’s just say he set me straight by showing me “the goods”.

I’m looking forward to where his ideas are headed and it’s much overdue.

You know…

I launched Email Elite – a recurring membership and coaching program for people looking to grow and monetize their list basically from day one – back in May.

That means the $$ has been hitting my account since then,

and I’ve been focused on delivering “the goods” for members day in and out.

Still no ‘membership portal’…

… nothing super fancy…

… and definitely no logo.

Complaints about the above?


But that was just a start and next steps are beginning to be taken.

Eventually the investment will go up,

and the allotted coaching time will probably go down.

(my time is at an all-time high and no sights of slowing)

I teach essentially the same mindset to members:

Start small. Think big.

Or, better:

Stop planning. Start profiting.

^^and that’s just with the personal time we spend together – not mentioning the Exclusive Trainings you get each month.

This month we’re talking List Management.

Things like:

  • When (and when not) to segment your subscribers (and how to avoid making a mess out of your email service provider)
  • A highly underrated way to welcome new subscribers to your business and offerings (I’m experimenting now across all of my businesses)
  • How much time you should spend in each of your audience segments (so that your list doesn’t become something you dread touching)
  • What email service providers to avoid completely if you want an easy-to-manage business with multiple product offers


Get in now at the “ground level” and learn how to take your skill, passion, or interest to the bank while making an impact on your audience.


Jeremy Montoya


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