Time-robbing criminal activity

I’m writing this to you from my favorite hipster coffee shop in phoenix.

Every Sunday I head here after making a routine visit to a vegan brunch restaurant I love to wrap up the week and write my note to you.

Routines have been a huge focus in my life the last 24 months,

but I’ve never been big on them.

So, why routines?

One – because it’s easy to let things fall between the cracks when you’re not in the habit of executing consistently.

Two – routines gets you in habit of executing consistently

Third – they help you save time as you get better and faster.

I hammer home the importance of execution and time with Email Elite Members over and over again,

while handing them powerful strategies to easily gain 10–20 hours a week during our first call.


This wound up in my inbox from new Elite Member Paul after our first coaching call together (of which members get 3):

“Considering time is something we can never get back, I’m happy you drilled home (even though I knew it) how important time really is. I think I had gotten lazy with my time in regards to only allowing ”x amount of time“ for a particular task… like you would at a job.”

^^so true.

I’ve committed this crime before, too, and it just robs time from your future.

There are two ways to get more time:

Work faster or leverage systems.

As an Email Elite Member, I’ll walk you through exactly what to do to get more time,

green stuff,

and sanity back in your life while growing your business.

All for less than the cup of coffee sitting next to you each day.

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Jeremy Montoya


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