The “no bueno” stuff (unfortunately) sells

Writing this to you as I wait for my buddy Ethan at a local Starbucks to talk about some paid traffic stuff,

but today feels “odd”.

Even Zach, the lad who delivers my lunch everyday, felt the same:

It feels like a Friday.


as entrepreneurs we have the chance for everyday to feel the way we want.

It can be “Monday” everyday of the week if you let it,

or you can be fired up and make everyday a “Friday”.

The choice is yours.

It takes some elbow grease to setup the exact kind of lifestyle you want,

but it’s all possible the second you start making offers and selling things.


it’s important these offers are what the audience you’re building wants.

But more important is that you’re creating the right offers at the right time.

Your first product being a course = no bueno.

^^but that’s what “sells” these days.

It’s also why so many don’t make it.

They choose website design over list-building,

Social media over getting on the phone with potential clients,

and creating either $7 eBooks or $499 courses instead of coaching first.

But not you.

I hold you to a higher standard,

same as I do paying members of Email Elite.


members get one-on-one coaching,

Q&A Jam Sessions to get their questions answered,

and a new members-only Exclusive Training every month.

This month:

“Before / During / After. How To Create, Launch, & Manage A Successful Coaching Program”

All this for less than what’s probably in your pocket right now.

Sign up before Midnight PST tonight to get access to this training and all of the above.

After Midnight, this training goes into the archives.

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