My team was shocked at what I said

It happened yesterday in middle of strategizing what the next year holds for Email Elite

(the program that helps you grow and monetize your email list in as little as 14 days)

when I mentioned that I’ll be removing the three coaching calls currently included when we hit a certain membership number.

You see,

my goal is to teach my students how to fish.

But, before I can be happy making Email Elite a “go at your own speed” program I want to make sure I’m hitting all the corners.

There’s a valuable lesson in this for you and your business:

Don’t jump the gun.

If you don’t have a way right now to finding out exactly what your target profile’s problems are,

then create a way asap.

A way that gets you working hands-on with your customers

and paid in the process.

There’s not better way in my opinion than by offering a coaching product.

In a few days, Email Elite Members will get access to everything I know about creating, launching, and running a successful coaching program.

And since coaching should be your first offering,

it makes it the perfect time to become an Email Elite member.

Time’s a tickin’ and access to this training goes away at Midnight PST.

Join here:

Jeremy Montoya


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