“you didn’t give a ****!”

New Email Elite Member Paul chimes in my initial approach online:

“I went through your old Youtube videos and you didn’t give a ****!”

^^not in regards to what I said…

but more in how I/it looked,

not caring that it was “low production”,

and that I just showed up to help.

If you’re teaching people anything online these days I suggest you learn to do the same.

Back in the day I was going through a lot.

I’ll spare the details.

At the end of the day you have to take out your personal concerns and genuinely care more about your audience’s problems than you do about your own.

Who cares if your latest thing doesn’t look or feel perfect?

Do you think it will help your audience now and in the future?

Ship it.

Anyone who judges you is probably scared of putting themselves out in front of people and trying to “play from the sidelines”.

Well, sweetheart,

the game ain’t played on the sidelines.

It’s played when you show up daily,

when you aim to be helpful,

and when you put your audience’s concerns ahead of your own.


I made my point…

Onto this month’s Email Elite Exclusive Training.

It’s titled:

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Coaching puts you in front of your market daily and helps you create what some people are calling a

“river of content”, or

“river of products” in your business because of the feedback you get.

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Jeremy Montoya


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