3 things I look for when using a social media platform

There are two types of business owners when it comes to social media…

… none better than the other.

Type 1 = they use it but refuse to sell

Type 2 = all they use it for is selling

I like to fall somewhere in the middle.

While there are better ways to grow your business, social media

(when used correctly)

can grow your business.

That said,

here are a few things you should look for in a social network before you jump in:

Thing 1: Long-term relevancy

These platforms seem to be popping up left and right,

making it near impossible to know about every single one.

You can figure out which platforms will be around for the long-haul by either joining all of them as they come out and spreading thin,

waiting for one to “hit the masses”,

or by judging your strengths and finding which ones help you to leverage them the most.

Thing 2: Urgency for the follower to consume

This one is big to me.

To humans there’s almost nothing more powerful than a good old fashioned deadline.

One reason I digged on Periscope from the onset is because you only had 24 hours to replay a broadcast.

This has since been lifted, but live-streaming has urgency built-in because you want to catch your favorite account when they’re live and before they end the stream.

Thing 3: Easy and personal access to your audience

Everyone’s crowd is a little different and you must go to where they are.

Once you find them on a platform that brings out the best in you, that’s when you invest everything you have.

All “things” considered,

SM can create an epic environment for you to sell the right products to the right people, but it takes a level of know-how to get the process down right and to convert a passerby into a customer…

… Like knowing what to do after the right person finds you,

what questions to ask them and when,

and how to make the offer.

But, once you know these things it quickly becomes second nature.

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Jeremy Montoya

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