Collect that money!

Nothing better than hearing results from subscribers.

Today’s come fresh from CrazyKaleLady Sandi on SnapChat.

The gist:

  • She read this week’s post on product validation
  • Put it into action
  • Now has 10+ people who’ve shown interest for a product launch she dreamt up from scratch

Next steps:

Collect that money!

… and of course follow through on the promise ;)

It’s not that hard, sweatpea.

But, there are a lot of people looking to get paid off of making things complicated.

This week on the blog we’ll be talking about the best social media platforms you can use for landing coaching clients right now.

In the mean time,

you should know that this month’s Email Elite Exclusive Training walks you through how to dream up products of your own from scratch–

–and then what to do next to turn them into passive income streams.

More on the program here.

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